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Mayphil are proud to announce that Perkins Engines Company Limited has entered into an agreement appointing Mayphil (UK) Ltd as an authorised Perkins distributor for Lebanon effective September 9, 2019. Please see official press release here

Since April 2018, Mayphil have been the Interim Service Provider for Perkins in Lebanon.

In this time we have established strong sales and service networks, ensuring Perkins parts, engines and product support is available nationwide. Now that we have an official distributor agreement with Perkins, we can start to expand our operations with larger local stocks and workshops, plus a new same day delivery service for parts which will be launched in Q1 2020.

Our experienced and highly trained service team have an average response time of 3 hours, minimising the downtime of your engine.
Local stocks of parts and engines ensure best in class availability and our technical knowledge and support can help you extend the life cycle of your equipment. We can also offer free health checks and tailored service contracts to suit your needs.

Mayphil SARL is the trusted partner for your Perkins engine.

We provide all kinds of Services for Perkins engines, along with genuine Perkins spare parts and diesel engine oil.

At Mayphil SARL , we embrace each challenge as an opportunity for growth and innovation. Through the highs and lows, our team remains positive and united in our dedication to delivering excellence. We may be facing uncertainties, but with our unwavering determination and steadfast teamwork, there’s no obstacle too great to overcome. Lebanon’s challenging business landscape has turned into our biggest strength.

Perkins DEO 15W-40:

High Performance Perkins Diesel Engine Oil 15W-40 208L Barrels and 20L Pails are available at

Mayphil SARL.

The quality of the oil you put in your engine is more important than you might realise. Using the right Oil makes all the difference. Perkins Oil contains a unique blend of 12 additives to make your engine last longer.

Perkins Diesel Engine Oil provides:

  • Unrivaled machine performance
  • Correct engine oil consumption 
  • Prevents piston ring and cylinder damage
  • Reduced sludge formation


Low quality Oil can cause:

  • Increased component wear
  • Reduced engine performance 
  • Lower fuel efficiency
  • Higher emissions (which lead to higher costs)

Reduce your running and servicing costs, and maximise your engine performance.